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Slo-fi Tide

All 11 tracks for this album were recorded playing modular synthesizers (eurorack), cassette player and DIY instruments...

The compositions offer a journey through some different sound configurations, from immersive ambient atmospheres to nostalgic synthwave vibes, from quiet and introspective field  recordings to complex models of synthetic and organic generative music...

“Slo-fi Tide” is a compilation selected from various improvisations performed in isolation during the long pandemic days, some of them were actually recorded to be released as one minute video or made as a short “Live act” for IG, but in the end it all became a vast material with chances to get something more when the idea to produce an album started to take shape...

produced from november 2020 to june 2021
mix & master by beto machado

released on August 6th 2021

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